Why do we need a Steam Mop? Are Steam Mops worthy?

Now in this guide we are going to know Why we need a Steam Mop. A steam mop by using the steam cleans the floors and rugs. Unlike normal mops that require cleaning products like detergent or bleach, this mop with the help of heat released from the steam sanitizes the floor. A steam mop functions with a heat-up of water in the tank to 120 degrees Celsius temperature. Many steam mops include only a single spurt of dry steam, dampening a microfiber pad situated below.

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The steam aids to drench the pad and filth is haggard off from the floor. Unlike the usual mopping, steam mops do not put down any deposits on the flooring and clean frequently all the dirt. The hot steam can slay typically 99% of microbes and dirt mites. We require steam mop to sterilize the floors, reinstate shine, and slay the dirt mites and to take away the blots.

Why we need a Steam Mop?

Few steam mops have a double-sided feature, one pad is malleable and is useful for fragile floorings like laminates and hardwood and the other pad includes inbuilt rubbing strips that are capable of cleaning the hard stains.

Advantages of having a steam mop

Steam mop gives numerous benefits while cleaning your house. Unlike traditional cleaning, steam mop cleans without any effort and without the requirement of harmful chemicals. It is easy to use and also convenient. Below are the advantages of having steam mop:

  • Few steam mops are capable of removing almost every microbe at home. It is understood that not every bacteria is awful for human beings, but it is better to take out the toxic microbes that raise at home. These mops could diminish the bacterial count with their high-temperature heat. As the steam disperses so quickly, it would not let the bacteria to grow.
  • Steam mops are ideal for regular cleaning. The steam mop has the capability to remove the extreme filth and dirt along with the pet fur from the furniture and rug. They are particularly very useful in kitchens and guarantee that there is no stain left on the kitchen floor for a long duration. 
  • These mops are moveable and some mops have unfixed or detachable handles where you can modify it as a handheld steaming machine. You can stock up or maintain these mops even in cupboards or fixed closets.
  • When you scrub your floor with a traditional mop or scrub brush, they take much time to dry. A steam mop radically paces up the method of aeration and helps to get back to your daily work quickly. Duct hot steams from these mops have the capability to smash down the filth quickly and slay the germs without using much water. This means the floor quickly dries up completely.
  • With a steam mop, you do not need to crawl around all the sides of the floor to scrub them. With the traditional method, you need to spend time on hands and knees vigorously for scrubbing the floors. When you upgrade with the steam mop, you can get up off from the floor and clean with ease.
  • With the traditional mop, you probably experience the sticky, cloudy film that may tend to leave behind after the floor gets dry. This is because of the floor cleaners that present on the surface. Steam mop completely removes this problem by using only some water to clean, leaving the floors looking bright and clean without any sticky residue.

Is steaming floors better than mopping?

Regular mopping has evolved long back. Nowadays there are different varieties of mops that are developed from the common mop such as sponge mops, level mops and many other types. The fresh versions are easy to use but their speed of working is less when evaluated to steam mop.


Ordinary mop

Steam mop

Speed of cleaning

Requires much time and tedious

Make the complete process cleaning quicker, easier and less stressful

Killing germs

Does not completely sanitize the floor

Steam cleaners when used properly remove 99.9% of germs.

Drying time

Takes longer time to dry

Your floors will get dry quickly and almost instantly


Less expensive

Costs more than ordinary mop

Labor involved

A regular mop is tedious to use and is not friendly

Steam mops makes the cleaning easier


Does not remove the allergens so it is not best for kids and pets

Steam mop removes all the allergens to provide safe environment for pets and kids.

Comparing the cleaning process

There is a big difference when it comes to the cleaning process. Although each one has its own benefits it is important to know the cleaning processes of these two different models.

Cleaning with a regular mop

This process may vary depending on the type of ordinary mop you have. In general, below are some steps for cleaning 

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  1. Prepare hot or warm water in a bucket and mix it with some cleaning solution. 
  2. Dip the mop in water
  3. Scrub the floor with the mop by pushing it with your hands across the surface 
  4. Rinse the mop in water 
  5. Squeeze out excess water
  6. Again go with the same process 
  7. Dispose of the dirty water from a bucket 
  8. Again rinse the mop and store it. 

With this process, you have to allow your floor to dry completely. If you wish to take a walk on this floor then you may come across a few creeping areas or you have to hop over the damp areas to take a step on to arid patches. This is the big drawback of the normal mop. 

Cleaning with a steam mop

Below is the process of steam mopping the floor.

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  1. Fill up the reservoir with fresh water
  2. Attach mop pad to the head
  3. Plug in and allow the water to get a boil, this usually takes 30 sec to 2 minutes 
  4. If the indicator color changes then the device is ready to use
  5. Start mopping by pushing the mop forward in order to release the steam and backward to collect the dirt and dust particles on the pad. 
  6. When done keep the mop aside 

The process of using the steam mop is much easier and faster. It is biodegradable as it doesn’t need any chemicals or cleaning solutions for cleaning. All it does use the steam for dislocating the obstinate dirt and sterilizes the carpet, floor or anything you are cleaning. 

Are steam mops worth it?

If you are in doubt, do the steam mops can substitute the usual mop then the reply for this is yes. Even the pathetic steam mop is proficient in removing off the majority stains on vinyl and ceramic tiles. They are able to heat the flooring to at least 200 degrees Fahrenheit, though the models differ in their directions for sanitizing. 

The mops generally fall into two groups: one is a steam mop and the other one is a sweep-and-steam mop. 

A steam mop is good for removing the stains. Sweep-and-steam is able to remove the debris on bare floors. It all depends on individual perception and their requirement of cleaning the floors and surfaces depending on the stains and dirt they have. Steam mops are able to remove some stains at one stroke, some other stains take many strokes to get remove and some stains are even cannot be able to remove after many strokes. 

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