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Steamfast SF-370WH Review 2020

For years we have used steam for various purposes, but the main area where it is used the most is cleaning. Yes, Steam cleaners are a clear proof for that. There is honestly no better way to clean up any surface and get rid of it from free of any bacteria than steam cleaning it. The steam cleaners today are designed to do so in a very easy way. They look like your usual vacuum cleaners but offer better performance while doing the task of cleaning. With a water tank as their company, they use high pressure to generate hot steam at very high pressure.

Steamfast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner Details

 Here we are discussing one of the Best Canister Steam Cleaner in the market. Yes, that is Steamfast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner. The steam will go into the surface and sanitize it completely, leaving it free of bacteria and stains. Most people love using them because of how well they clean and their eco-friendly nature. Very advanced designs are available today with well-developed features, which could make cleaning very convenient for you. Now check out the complete Steamfast SF-370WH Review, with detailed set of pros and cons.

Steamfast SF-370 Canister Steam Clean Features

The 1500 watt Steamfast Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner uses pressurized steam to clean up any surface you want. It will leave that surface almost like new while naturally deep cleaning it and making sure it gets sanitized as well. This is where it comes out well and is different from many others. The results you can achieve aren’t just promoting cleanliness but a healthier environment.

In any steam cleaner or even a vacuum cleaner, accessories are very crucial. The Steamfast Portable Steam Cleaner comes with fifteen great and very versatile accessories to enhance the convenience factor of the functioning. A steam mop is also present, which is useful when you have to clean up sealed surfaces. More than the steam cleaner itself, the accessories help you clean up well and easily.

The steaming function in the Steamfast Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner SF-370WH comes with a control feature that lets you control how much steam is let out and at what time. The entire customization can be done through the press of a button. Once you like the pressure at which the function has been settled, it can be locked, and continuous steam will let out on the surface to clean.

The cord of the steam cleaner can be a tricky thing to handle while you are cleaning or even when its not in use. This is why the Steamfast Multipurpose Steam Cleaner has an integrated cord wrap in its design. You can very conveniently store the steam cleaner in any corner of

Steamfast SF 370WH Steam Cleaner Specifications

Specification Name Value
Model no
8.5"H x 12"W x 15.3"D
8.42 pounds
White and grey
Heating time
3 mins
Maximum steam time
8 minutes
Power cord length
15.4 ft.
1 year
100% Chemical free cleaning
Heating System
Watts / Volts
1500 / 120V
Accessories Included




Bottom Line

The Steamfast Canister Steam Cleaner is one of the most well reviewed steam cleaners. It definitely has the features which deserve the praise. From its pressurised cleaning features to its very flexible accessories, there is very less which you could put a negative mark on. Best part about Steamfast Canister Steam Cleaner is that the deep cleaning is done without the need of any harsh chemicals. Yes, it is great for homes with kids and otherwise as well. Many of the users have praised how it cleans smaller surfaces where many other steam cleaners would find difficult to reach. With the advanced steam control options, customisation is also easily possible. Heating the water to the right temperature is crucial in any steam cleaner, which is the task this one does perfectly, giving you the right amount of time to clean up well. You just can’t doubt its performance because it is very well equipped to clean up versatile surfaces like tiles etc. Hope you find this Steamfast SF-370WH Review quite useful.


How effective is Steamfast SF-370WH at killing bedbugs?

 With many attachments and professional steam control, Steamfast SF-370WH is designed to handle the toughest jobs including killing bed bugs effectively.

Will Steamfast SF-370WH work on carpets and does Steamfast get hot enough to kill bed bugs?

Yes, Steamfast SF-370WH works effectively on carpets and it does get hot enough to kill the bed bugs.

Can I clean my mattress with Steamfast SF-370WH ?

Yes, if you clean carefully and if your mattress is designed for it.

Is the cleaner equipped to clean bed bugs?

You have to let it get hot enough to kill bed bugs, but yes, you can

What is the exact steam pressure of Steamfast SF-370WH ?

 The pressure generated is somewhere close to three pounds.

Steamfast SF-370 Canister Steam Clean has incredible pressure features despite its small size. One would easily doubt its cleaning because of that, but it cleans as well as any heavy-duty cleaner. The affordable price is another thing that attracts a lot of people because otherwise, it is hard to get a good product at such a price. Most new users are surprised by its startup time, which is only around eight minutes. Steam cleaners usually take more time to generate that amount of pressurized steam. With all the attachments The Steamfast Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner has, you can use it well according to your purpose.

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