SteamFast SF-275 – Ultimate Steam Cleaner for Multi-Purpose Cleaning


A clean home is a healthy home. A healthy home leads to a pleasant life of the day. Are you struggling to maintain your home clean and healthy? SteamFast SF-275 Canister Steam Cleaner enables you to remove dirt and sturdy stains. Hence, you can easily handle hard smudges and maintain your home neat and healthy. SteamFast Reviews 2019 helps you to know detailed information about the SF275 steam cleaner. Refer SteamFast SF 275 features and specifications to know the suitable steam mop for your home.

SteamFast SF-275

SteamFast SF-275 Steam Mop Overview

The SteamFast Steam Cleaner embedded with the powerful 1500 watts motor. This energetic motor enables the heating system to heat in a short duration of time. SteamFast SF-275 canister steam cleaner has a heating time of about 8 minutes. The SteamFast Model SF-275 produces pressurized steam with a steam rate of 33-37 g/min. Hence, with the help of this high-pressure steam, you can remove tough stains and also eliminate muck from sinks and tubs. SteamFast Steam Mop helps you to sanitize floors, eradicates smoke and odors from upholstery. In addition, you can also remove destructive germs and bacteria without using harmful chemical solutions.

The tank consists of large 50-ounce capacity and works with the normal tap water. This large water storage capacity provides a continuous steam for about 45 minutes. SteamFast SF 275 has lighted on and off switch, steam ready indicator, steam control button, and 12 feets long cord. As a result, you can maneuver the SteamFast SF 275 canister steam cleaner more comfortably. The SteamFast steam cleaners include various tools such as a normal size triangle brush, nylon utility brushes, brass brush, scrub pad and cloth cover. SteamFast SF 275 canister steam cleaner is lightweight and provides easy maneuvering of the steam mop.

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SteamFast Reviews

When you invest a lot of money to buy any product, it’s better to go through reviews before purchasing. The review helps you to know about the product details, working and also helps you to gain overall knowledge of the product. Here, I have provided features, specifications, and overall details of the SteamFast Steam Cleaner SF 275. This article consists of SteamFast Reviews 2019 based on customers experience on the product. I believe, this article helps you to buy the best suitable carpet cleaner for your home.

SteamFast SF-275 Features

  • Produces high-pressure steam with powerful 1500 watts motor.
  • Removes sturdy stains and sanitizes without using disastrous chemicals.
  • Heats-up in a short duration of time.
  • Large capacity water tank produces a continuous steam for a long time.
  • Various accessories to perform overall cleaning of your home.
  • 17 unassembled tools enable to use the specific brush for specific cleaning purpose.
  • Lightweight design and compact in size.
  • Includes trigger for steam on demand and offers continuous steam locking switch.

SteamFast SF-275

SteamFast SF 275 Steam Cleaner – Best Handheld Steam Mop 2019

Steam Pressure

The SteamFast SF275 steam cleaner embedded with a powerful 1500 watt electric motor. This high wattage motor produces a high-pressure steam while cleaning. The SF 275 SteamFast works with a steam rate of 33-37 g/min. Hence, you can clean your home quickly and also gain maximum cleaning results with the SteamFast SF275 steam mop.

Water Tank

SteamFast Steam Cleaner manufactured with a large storage capacity water tank. The SteamFast 275 consists of a measuring cup and funnel for easy filling of the water tank. The clean water tank has a storage capacity of 48 Oz. Hence, SteamFast steam cleaners avoid you from the frequent filling of the water tank. This large storage capacity water tank provides you the continuous steam for a long duration of about 45 minutes.


The SteamFast SF 275 a lightweight steam mop compared to other steam cleaners. The weight of SteamFast SF-275 canister steam cleaner is just 10.6 lbs. Therefore, you can lift and carry the SteamFast SF275 steam cleaner with ease.

Heating Time

SteamFast Steam Cleaner SF 275 equipped with a powerful energetic 1500 watt motor. It also consists a large storage capacity tank which has 48 Oz. of water. Though the water gets heats-up in a short duration of time. As a result, the SteamFast Steam Mop has a heating time of about 8 minutes. You can start the cleaning action within a short time after switching on the steam mop.

Cord Length

The SteamFast SF 275 canister steam cleaner fabricated with a long length cord of approximately 16 feets. This helps you to steam a large area without the hassle of unplugging the steam mop. Hence, you can plug in the socket once at a time and cover a large surface without any stress. It also has a holder to hold the cord at its resting time.

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Some General Features Of SteamFast Steam Cleaner

Preferred Surfaces

SteamFast Mop enables you to clean not only floors and surfaces but also kitchens, ovens, window panes, and washrooms. When you prepare special dishes in your kitchen, you end up with sturdy stains and tough grease stuck to the surfaces. The Therefore, SteamFast SF 275 steam cleaner helps to clean with ease and sanitize the surfaces without using harmful chemicals.


SteamFast Steam Cleaners incorporated with different accessories and tools used for various cleaning actions. I have explained below about the tools and cleaning purposes in order to let you have a clear idea of the product.

Tool Name Function
Medium-size triangle shaped brush Cleaning special areas like corners
Short Nylon Utility Brush General Cleaning
Long Nylon Utility Brush Hard to Reach Areas
Short Brass Brush BBQ Cleaning
Scrub Pad Scrubbing While Cleaning
Cloth Cover Clean and Sanitize Hard Floors

SteamFast SF-275 also comprises of free bonus package with four utility brushes, brass BBQ grill brush and a scrub pad.


The SteamFast Mop fabricated with the triggers to allow the steam flow. It consists of steam on demand trigger which provides you the steam only after triggering the button. SteamFast SF-275 canister steam cleaner also has a continuous steam locking switch.

Warranty Details

The SteamFast SF-275 steam mop can enjoy warranty services for a limited time period of 1 year. The company offers warranty services to the original customer or purchaser of the product. The warranty services are applicable only if the damage to the product occurs under normal use. The company provides free replacement or labor services for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. The warranty services do not cover if the damage occurs under misuse or improper handling of the steam mop. The company does not provide warranty services for normal wear and tear or if the product is used other than normal household purposes. To enjoy the free warranty services, you need to register the product within 60 days from the purchase date. To avail warranty services, support or any other information please do mail at or call 1-800-711-6617.

Price History for Steamfast SF-275 Canister Steam Cleaner


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SteamFast SF-275 Canister Steam Cleaner Specifications

Technical Details Description
Manufacturer SteamFast
Product Name SteamFast SF-275
Model Number SF-275
Product Height 13 inches
Product Width 11.1 inches
Product Depth 17.3 inches
Weight 10.6 pounds
Power Wattage 1500 Watts
Voltage 120 Volts
Cord Length 15.4 feets
Heat-up Time 8 minutes
Maximum Steam Duration 45 minutes
Water Capacity 48 Oz.
Steam Rate 33-37 g/min
Amperage 12.5 Amps
Water Filling Type Measuring Cup (16 Oz.)
Color White
Warranty 1 year

SF 275 SteamFast Steam Cleaner Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and compact steam cleaner.
  • Powerful motor produces high steam rate.
  • Measuring cup and funnel offer easy filling of the water tank.
  • Provides a continuous steam for a long duration of 45 minutes.
  • Long length cord helps to maneuver the steam cleaner with ease.
  • Enable you to comfortably remove tough and sturdy stains.


  • Heats up for a long duration of time.
  • It does not include cleaning with solutions.


SteamFast SF-275 Canister Steam Cleaner performs deep cleaning action. Therefore, it removes sturdy stains and cleans all types of floors and surfaces. All the innovative technologies and cleaning systems offer great cleaning performance and help you to remove hard grime with ease. As a result, SteamFast SF 275 most adaptable and impressive handheld steam cleaner available on the market. For the best guide and more latest updates, stay tuned to
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Best Handheld Steam Mop 2019

Excellent Steam Cleaner for entire home cleaning purpose. High-Pressure steam removes tough stains. Best handheld steam cleaner 2019.

Ease of Use
  • Light in Weight.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Compact Size.
  • Long heating time.
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