Simple Tips and Tricks to use Steam Mop Perfectly

A steam mop is the same as many other modern mop heads that are available today in the market with one exception is that they have a water tank and heater that produces the steam. So this steam is aimed onto the ground and it is capable of removing the hard dirt and soot parting the floor with dirt free and glossy. The major thing to spend on the steam mop is its sterile capacities. The steam mop produces heat steam that kills the microbes missing on the flooring from food drips, foot massage or something else that your family members or pet carry into the house. In this article, we going to know some important Steam Mop Tips and Tricks.

Steam Mop Tips

Generally, a steam mop is more expensive than a traditional mop, but they are easy to use, more effective at cleaning the floors and helps incoming you and your family safe from various types of diseases and infections caused by bacteria.


Tips for Handling the Steam Mop

Steam mops don’t waste much quantity of water. Though it still requires some water, it does not need much water like a traditional mop. When you compare with a conventional mop and usual bucket cleaning method, a steam mop is very expedient to clean and speedily touch and clean-up the floors. Steam mops are available in many different modes, volumes, several ways to join the mop head and the quantity of mist and power produced.  Some may have enhanced features and benefits than others. Keeping the features aside, any model requires following certain practices and tips. 

  • Set up the floor: steam mop functions much better if all the free dirt and clench is removed. To acquire the best results, sweep or vacuum before you begin to use a steam mop.
  • If the surfaces are deeply soiled, then with the help of hot steam you can smear out all the dirt on the floor. For heavily soiled floors, deep cleaning by traditional methods is required. 
  • Use numerous mop pads: keep quite a lot of mop pads available and keep on changing as quickly as they catch dirt.
  • Use only on the sealed floors: make sure that your flooring is suitable for steam cleaning because steam cleaning may damage some flooring materials. 

Steam Cleaner Tips and Tricks

No matter how the steam cleaner works and what is its application, you need to follow a few common tips to use the steam cleaner in and around the house.

Tips and Tricks image

  • The usage of steam cleaner should be limited to its purpose that is cleaning.
  • It is always better to have the shoes when dealing with some electrical steaming machine.
  • Purchase only the certified electrical appliances that have approval ratings from official certification agencies like Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
  • Be conscious about temperature deviations that may result in the breakage of ceramic or glass. For example, never try to steam-clean a goblet window on a too wintry day.
  • Always check whether the accessory tools are connected properly or not.
  • Remember that steam continuously exhausts from steamer for many seconds after the trigger is released, be very careful that the steam is not directed to plants or some other things that cannot withstand with heat or moisture.
  • If you are using some cloth wraps or tool pockets with this machine, then take out them after every usage and arid/clean according to the maker advice. Never stock up the humid clothes. 
  • Unplug the steamer before changing the attachments and before refilling it with water.
  • Use only the refined water in the steam cleaner. Filtered water is recommended for its longevity and optimal performance.
  • Keep on the machine moving, so that you do not soak the fabric or material and avoid pressure in one area for a long time, particularly wood surfaces.
  • When using steam clothes with the steamer, clean the slightest dirty areas first, where you can keep the cleaning cloth clean for a long time, and evade smearing dirt on the clean surfaces. 

Cautions for using the steam cleaner

  • Don’t allow this cleaner to work on polished things, painted walls, antiques, uncapped floors (cork, hardwood, and unglazed tile), musical instruments, or nylon web screens. 
  • Use this cleaner on timber only if its finishing is polyurethane-based. 
  • Don’t stay for a long period on timber or any painted floors to evade marks or deforming the item.

Do Steamers Really Clean Floors?

Do Steamers Really Clean Floors image
Do Steamers Really Clean Floors image

Steam cleaners are amazing since they can be able to clean everything without making use of any ruthless chemicals- the things which steam cleaner can clean are preserved hardwood floors, several kitchen appliances, car externals, leather upholstery, windows, mirrors, and showers. 

There are some surfaces that are not ideal for steam cleaners. 

The quality of indoor air will be improved with this chemical-free steam cleaner machine, but a few surfaces cannot take away the entire heat. Below listed are a few things that you should not use the steam vapor to clean them.

  • Something that gets spoiled with heat exposure, like water painting and cardboard. 
  • Permeable surfaces like brick, stucco, and marble
  • Big carpet areas
  • Food flora and big industrial places
  • Fragile objects like slim plastics, velour upholstery, and silks. 

But here are the reasons why it is not recommended

Theoretically, a steam cleaner is capable of cleaning the bigger areas but doing so is not that efficient. With some care, you can even clean the silk items, but it’s not recommended and better to evade as the heat up can spoil them. Steamers can help you to scrub even the toughest stains and grime from the floors. Steam cleaners are used to clean any sealed surfaces. A good steamer can remove complete dirt and dust from the floors without using any chemicals just by producing the steam with the heat and reaches into the tile grout to sanitize and clean. To know more tips you can leave comment and keep in touch with our Best Steam Mop Reviews website.

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  1. my steam cleaner doesn’t produce steam anymore. I have it properly filled and plugged in and turned on, but nothing happens. is there a way to fix it or do i need a new one??

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