Types of Steam Cleaners – Benefits of each Mop

Steam cleaners are a pretty new ingress in the market for cleaning up the house. Steam cleaners provide deeper clean and can able to clean any type of surface. For many customers, the fine thing about owning this machine is that it proffers a better and great way of cleaning. In this article, we are going to see different Steam Cleaner Types & their benefits.

Steam cleaners are smart alternatives for people who endure with allergies. Steam cleaning picks up and removes the grime and dirt mites and with the aid of heat, it kills all the germs, so it is capable of removing all those things that are disturbing the quality of breathing air which is not visible. It is not necessary for you to bend down and rub on blots; you simply run the steam cleaner on the blot to get clear of them. A steam cleaner even helps in eliminating bedbugs which are more common and are difficult to destroy with pesticides. 

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Steam Cleaner Types

Steam cleaners are generally used to clean different sorts of surfaces and items, but some of the types will be fine only in doing specific jobs when compared to others. Keep knowledge in getting to know about the uses and features of different varieties of steam cleaners will aid you in identifying which one suits you the best based on your requirements. Below are brief descriptions about the types of vacuum cleaners. 

Cylinder Steam Cleaner

Cylinder steam cleaners are even described as canister steam cleaner; they are usually bigger than a steam mop and handheld steam cleaner. They are so intricate to store, hold and control as they have hulking nature. But this is not a big deal to take into account since they are much proficient in cleaning and disinfecting the home. 

The hefty nature of this steam cleaner is linked with superior water storage tanks that are fixed to this machine. So this hefty nature supports you in accomplishing the huge cleaning jobs and doesn’t need to worry about frequently filling up the unit. The other plus point of this machine is that they use different kinds of attachment related to cleaning up that particular surface that makes it extremely versatile. 

Cylinder steam cleaner is used on counters, clothes, surfaces, and curtains. The cost of this steam cleaner differs but comparatively, they are costlier than a steam mop and handheld steam cleaner. Despite the high price tag, they can be easily cleaned and sanitized when compared to other types. 

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  • Large water tank so not required to fill often
  • Versatile can be used to clean different areas of the home
  • Very efficient in killing bacteria, germs, and parasites
  • Not required to use detergents or other harsh chemicals 
  • A lot of accessories and attachments available 


  • More expensive compared to other types
  • Large size makes it difficult to store
  • When it comes to mobility it is not the best steam cleaner 

Vapor Steam Cleaner

Vapor steam cleaner functions the same as cylinder steam cleaner and almost has the same benefits. Vapor steam cleaner generally has many features and different kinds of attachments that help you in cleaning different kinds of surfaces and objects easily. 

The main feature of this type of steam cleaner is that it offers “dry clean”. This is clearly visible because it utilizes soaring levels of heat to make sure that the steam contacts with the surfaces you clean and no wetness or any extra water are left over behind. The dry steam cleaner not only does a healthier clean but even it is chosen by the people who don’t wish to stay for a long time for their basement to get dry. 

This type of steam cleaners is more expensive in the market with the price tag varying from a few hundred dollars to some thousand dollars. Vapor steam cleaners are often the best machine one can include in their homes. Vapor steam cleaners are used in hypoallergenic surroundings as they do not need any extra cleaning element which gives good interior air quality. 

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  • Versatile: means it can be used to clean different areas in the home
  • Don’t have to use other detergents or other chemicals 
  • A lot of accessories and attachments are available 
  • Provides dry clean so you don’t need to worry about potential damage from excess moisture. 
  • The inherent low moisture characteristics make them suitable for using them inside the buildings and residences. 


  • Harder to store and use due to its large size
  • Very expensive compared to other steam cleaners

Handheld Steam Cleaner

Handheld steam cleaners are compact, portable and fall on the very affordable price spectrum. The price may range around 100$, though there are cheaper models available. 

These steam cleaners are quite simple to handle and can even be stored at some place when they are not used. A handheld steam cleaner is good in taking away the small stains on a carpet and cleaning the windows quickly, but this unit is not helpful in cleaning up the large places. They are portable and tiny in size will helpful for cleaning the counters but hard to attain spots.

BenefitsHandheld Steam Cleaner image

  • Most affordable type 
  • It is great for cleaning smaller areas 
  • Easy to store without taking much space
  • It is lightweight and easy to use
  • It is useful for cleaning hard to reach places such as drapes, corners and under the furniture. 


  • It is not good for larger cleaning jobs
  • It does not provide the same of level cleaning as larger steam cleaners. 

Cool Steam Cleaner and Dry Steam Cleaner

Cool Steam Cleaner and Dry Steam Cleaner image

Generally, there are two types of steam cleaners: dry steam cleaner and cool steam cleaner. Steam cleaner’s work in two ways based on the sort of device they are.

A dry steam cleaner works in a similar way to pressure cooker that is the water reaches to boiling point and begins to produce the steam. This process takes a few minutes for the water to get boil else the process gets quicker if you use the hot water directly. 

The low moisture steam cleanout will be the best investment for disinfecting and cleaning the water perceptive packaging equipment, meting out floors and another industrialized locality where the water is not permitted or decrease of chemicals is chosen. Whereas coming to a dry steam cleaner, it is a difficult task to choose the exact size to obtain the best results. 

Cool steam cleaner’s work without heating the water, thus the steam is humid instead of hot. The drawback of cool steam cleaner is that it utilizes more water than dry steam cleaner, and as it works with less water temperature they won’t correctly eliminate the bacteria and mold. Keep visiting our portal, to find more info on Steam Cleaner Types and also the latest Best Steam Mop reviews.

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