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Light N Easy S3101 Steam Mop Review 2020

Household cleaning is the major part of daily chores inside the house. It is generally a tiring job which needs more patience. So to reduce the cleaning time, steam mops can be used. They are more easy and convenient to handle and clean with less hassle. Light N Easy S3101 steam mop is a good helper in cleaning for your family. It can provide the best steam cleaning experience with a fresh feel.

LIGHT 'N' EASY Lightweight Floor Steamer Details

Light ‘N’ Easy Steam Mop weighs only 3.5 pounds and has a good dimension of 6.6 x 10.5 x 24.8 inches. This Best Steam Cleaner For Tile can be made ready in less than a minute, and you can start mopping your floor without using any chemicals. As this amazing steam mop provides an excellent cleaning experience with a powerful steam. This best compact steam cleaner, we don’t feel as a burden in carrying it around the house, and there is a pump, which you have to pump for continuous operation. This is one of the best light N easy steam mops in the series.
You can easily removes grease stains in the kitchen, bathroom, and carpets by passing high quality steam. There is no need for the use of chemicals for cleaning the house, steam is enough. This Light N easy steam mop cleans the floor in seconds and there is no need for you to wait for the floor to dry. This is one of the Best Multifunctional Steamer Mops in this category. Now check out the complete Light N Easy S3101 Steam Mop Review, pros, cons and features.

Super Lightweight Steam Mop S3101 Features

This Compact Steam Mop comes with a tiny water reservoir which offer efficient steam control. The reservoir capacity is 220 ml. Small tank size makes you fill the tank frequently and also provides instant steam for cleaning.

This tank provides steam in less than 30 seconds, and if you press the handle, Best Multifunctional Steamer Mop will deliver more steam. If you move the mob slower, more steam will come out of the mop and cleaning will be more efficient. Steam is released continuously to loosen the dirt and then bypassing the microfiber pad, and it sticks to it.

There is no extra accessory with this steam mop. They provide only one soft microfiber pad to clean the surface. Microfiber pad absorbs all types of dirt within it along with excess water. So whatever may be the stain, microfiber washable pad will remove it.

Because of its lightweight, we can move the mop to all parts of the house. Since steam is generated quickly by the heating element, you get instant steam. The cord length is 20 feet, which is more efficient to go around the house.

It is lightweight and weighs only 3.5 pounds. Its small size and lightweight enables us to carry on with ease and clean even the most hardened grease with care.

This Wood Floor Mop Steam Cleaners contains one washable pad that can be used multiple times. This saves your cost infrequently buying replacement pads. These pads do not contain any chemical to clean and thus provide complete sanitation.

The mop produces steam by pushing the handle 10 times, and steam is generated in less than one minute. Approximate time taken is 30 seconds.

This Best Lightweight Steam Mop can clean all types of floors. You can use this steam mop for hardwood floors like laminate, vinyl, carpets, marble, ceramic, linoleum and stone floors. This mop will remove the stains of oil, coffee, milk and other tough stains with less effort.

Super Lightweight Steam Mop S3101 Specifications

Specification Name Value
Model Number
Light N Easy
3.5 pounds
Product Dimensions
11x 5.9 x 48.5 inches
Handheld steamer
Cord length
20 feet
Mop base
10.6 inches
Preheat time
20 seconds
Suitable for
Hard floors, marble, linoleum and ceramic
1150 watts
Mop head
1 year
Light weight 5 – in – 1 mop.
Water tank capacity
220 ml
Voltage and frequency
110- 120 V and 60 Hz power





How do you use a Light N Easy S3101 Steam Mop?

 Steps to use Light N Easy S3101 Steam Mop-

  1. Assembling the device first.
  2. After proper assembling, fill the tank with water using a funnel and filling task.
  3. Plug in the mop into the power outlet. The blue light will turn on.
  4. It takes a few seconds for the steam to start working and then to activate the steam, for a few pump handles.
  5. Now, move the mop forward and backward to automatically customize the steam mop. 
Does Light N Easy S3101 Steam Mop get dirt out of tile with crevices and uneven surface?

 Yes, Light N Easy S3101 Steam Mop can take out dirt from crevices and uneven surfaces.

How long does the Light N Easy S3101 Steam Mop take to heat up?

 Light N Easy S3101 Steam Mop takes nearly 30 seconds to heat up the steam mop.

Where can I get the replacement pads for Light N Easy S3101 Steam Mop?

We can get the replacement pads from amazon and online resources.

What is the size of Light N Easy S3101 Steam Mop base?

The size of the mop head is 10.6 inches

Bottom Line

Super lightweight steam mop S3101 weighs less than 4 pounds without water and there is a flexible mop head that rotates 360 degrees easily with less effort. We can get steam within 20 to 30 seconds using its 1250 watts steamer. Though it may not be the fastest one in the industry, it can deliver extremely hot steam for a deeper clean. Best Steam Cleaner For Tile is having a pump to create the steam and this makes it a tough one for many users. Though you need to do many passes on your floor for messes, it really helps you to remove the stains impressively spotless. Even though we need to physically hand pump while cleaning, cleaning is fast. If you are using the steamer for the first time, then you need to pump it 10 times to produce the required amount of steam. While mopping, if you move faster more amount of steam will be released. This mop is suitable for cleaning tiles, hardwood, laminate floors, stone floors, vinyl floors and carpets.

Light N easy lightweight steam mop is a budget- friendly mop with good cleaning ability. The head does not swivel, so it is generally tougher to clean all areas completely. Though the tank is small, we can do plenty of cleaning with this water. The floors remain relatively dry when compared to other steam mops. As a whole it delivers complete sanitation in a low cost.

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