Complete Steam Cleaner User Guide

Electric steam mops are modern age cleaning appliances that employ the cleaning efficiency of hot steam to dissolve the most dogged mess and dirt. Steam mops used in the same way as vacuum cleaners; you just have to keep the motion of mopping back- and- forth so as to clean evenly and systematically. Steam mops are great electrical appliances to clean your floors as well as bathroom floors and bathtubs. You can clean most kinds of floors with an electric steam mop, be it sealed hardwood, tiles, or laminate floor.

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Also, they just make use of water and turn it into steam, so it makes them a very healthy and safe option for thorough cleaning. This makes maintaining the cost of the steam mop very less as you don’t have to spend anything on detergents. Now let us go through the complete guide about How to use a steam mop and tips to use it.

How To Use A Steam Mop?

Now that we have established that steam mops are really effective cleaning appliances, you also need to know about the right way to use them. The following Steam Cleaner User Guide will not only educate you on how to use your steam mop properly but will also give some Tips for Using a Steam Cleaner. Firstly, let us start with Steam Mop Setup and usage-

  • The first step of cleaning is to make enough way for the mop to work independently and effectively.  
  • After you have cleared the room, it is now time to remove the dust and larger debris from the room. Make sure that you haven’t cleaned the dust and larger particulars of dirt or debris on the fall and you directly start mopping the area, what you will get from the motion of the steam mop will be low-key muddy and dirty. Also, you need to clear the way for the steam mop for it to clean properly.  
  • Before switch on unit put on the cleaning pads over the head of the mop. Always remember to do this before you have actually turned the mop. As steam mops get heated super-fast and you could seriously harm your hand while putting on the cleaning pad on a turned-on mop. 
  • Now fill the water tank of the steam mop up to the designated level. Now, if the mop ever needs to be refilled, always make sure it is not plugged in while you are refilling it.
  • When the mop is ready to clean, you will know this by the indicator light on the mop. When the light turns on, the steam mop is ready to use. The motion of the mop has to be this way- start with one end of the room, to release steam on the floor, shove the steam mop in a forward direction and it will release steam, then get it backwards to use the steam cleaning the floor and picking up dust on the cleaning pad.
  • After a point, you find that the cleaning pad is too soiled to use any further. Some steam mops that have flexible heads you can just turn the pad to the other side and use it. Otherwise, take a fresh cleaning pad and fix it over the head of the mop. A stern reminder: unplug the steam mop before you touch the cleaning pads.
  • This is the end of the cleaning part. Electrical steam mops are long- term investments, but they should still be handled carefully. So after you are done with cleaning your house using the mop, it is time for the proper storage of the mop. Take off the cleaning pads at its head and make sure it is dry. Moistness on the mop can lead to the growth of mildew.

Tips for Using a Steam Cleaner

  • It is vital to prepare the floor before you run the steam mop across it. In such a case, when you run mop across the dirty floor, what the steam mop will do is create a muddy space on the floor.
  • If you live in an area where you supplied with hard water, water that has high mineral content. Because hard water will get deposited in the system of the mop.  
  • Use the steam mop to get the perfect cleaning but if your floor is super dirty, say from construction, drilling, etc. steam mops are not advisable because they won’t be helpful at all and create a water-based dirt bath.
  • Cleaning pads should be changed as soon as they get dirty. When you don’t change cleaning pads, it drag dirt from one place to another. 
  • Before you use the steam mop on your floor, Make sure to check if your floor is suitable to clean by a steam mop. If the mop is suitable for that kind of floor. Otherwise, you will end up damaging your floor.


As several steam mop models available to you in the market. Some are more complex than others and offer a broader spectrum of features. But the baseline instructions for using them remain the same, with fewer changes here and there. Make sure to read the user manual at least once before you is it. As this is electrical equipment so always be careful.

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