Do steam mops really sanitize – Know your product before using it!

Steam cleaning is an excellent choice to get rid of germs, stains, and dirt removal. As Steam mops can clean your floor much faster than regular mops efficiently and effectively. Steam mops are simple systems that heat the water in the tank into steam and pass it through the mops to clean your floors and wall easily using high temperature and pressure. There is no need to use any chemicals as steam mopping removes 99.99% of harmful bacteria from the floor. Here is all about How does a Steam Mop Work and its working mechanism.

How does a Steam Mop Work image
How does a Steam Mop Work image

How does a Steam Mop Work?

As the steam is produced by heating the water to about 120 degrees Celsius and this steam is passed through the microfiber pads. Microfiber pads loosen the dirt and stains under steam pressure and your floor is cleaned with single or two strokes of flooring. Traditional mops do not use pressure and high temperature, so you cannot expect such excellence as that of a steam mop. Another significant advantage of steam mops is 99.99% sanitization of the floor.

High pressured steam can kill all types of bacteria present on the floor in a few seconds. Thus your floor is maintained healthy and children – friendly. If you buy a best steam mop, then they will have two sides for cleaning in the head. One side with a soft pad will clean laminate and hardwood floors, whereas; the other side of the mop will clean the tiles and by scrubbing the floors.

How to use the Steam Mop?

Steam mops are available in different styles, sizes and there are many head options to control the amount of steam produced. Though all the steam mops are meant for the same thing, a few things must be considered before plugging your mop and start cleaning.

Preparing the floor

To get sparkling clean tiles and floor, it is advised to vacuum clean the floor first and then perform a steam cleaning. Dirt, dust, and debris are removed easily by the vacuum cleaner and helps to sanitize the floor easily in a single cleaning. If floor cleaning is not performed first, then, you may have to clean the microfiber pad, often while steam mopping the floor.

Mop preparation

It is advised to put the mop pad first in the unit and then turn on power. The latest model steam mops deliver steam instantly in less than 30 seconds, so everything should be kept ready, before mopping the house. As soon as the mop pad is attached, fill the water tank with enough water as per the indications.

Do steam Cleaner really work?

Make sure that the mop indicator shows the signal for starting the process. Start mopping after you can see the steam being released from the microfiber pad. Begin from one corner of the house and work across as that of a regular mop. Push the mop forth and back releasing steam and for the regions that require extra cleaning, you can wipe back and forth till the job is done. Since steam dries fast in few minutes, you can clean the house easily.

When to replace the steam pad?

Steam mops generally have two-sided pads, so when one side becomes dirty, you can use the other side. If both sides used all together, then you have to replace the mop head with the new one. If steam pads or microfiber pads are not changed regularly, it may lead to retention of the dirt and germs on the floor.

Storing the Steam Mop

Steam mops utilize little space in your utility area and you can keep it on any corner. Make sure that the steam pads removed and washed and stored separately and empty the water in the tanks completely to avoid scales and salt deposition.


Steam mops are more advantageous than regular mops. They clean the house more perfectly with less effort than the regular mops. There is no need to move a bucket of water throughout the house nor wet your hands while washing the mop head. Steam mops do not require these functions as water is carried along with the mop and the microfiber pad can withstand 20 times its weight during cleaning. Apart from 99.99% sanitization, you can steamer your clothes, mattresses, furniture, and even hard floors. Steam mops can converted into the handheld steamer to remove wrinkles in your clothes in a few minutes.

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