10 Powerful Haan Steam Cleaners of 2019 – Covers Larger Areas in a Short Time!


The most difficult task every working woman faces is cleaning their home and maintaining a healthy environment. So to reduce stress and to make their cleaning work simple, many families are using steam mops in their home. One of the best brands of the steam mop is HAAN. The HAAN manufacturer designed the Haan Steam Cleaner which is lightweight and very easy to lift. Most of the Haan Steam Mop Pads deep cleans and removes 99.9% germs without using any chemicals. Haan Steam Vacuums heats up and gets ready in a short time. Hence, the Haan Steam Mops are the most preferred steam cleaners of many consumers. The Haan Steam Mop Parts are of the high-grade material and offers longer durability. Haan Steam Floor Cleaner fabricated with the compact size and can be placed in small corner areas. Now we will see about Haan Steam Mop Reviews.

The Best Steam Cleaner – Haan Steam Mop

The Haan Handheld Steam Cleaner can easily be carried and clean specific areas. The Haan global manufacturers various types of steamers such as steam mops, handheld steam cleaners multi-purpose steamers, turbo steam mops, and scrubbing steam cleaners. When you study and analyze the customer reviews of various products, features, and specifications you can decide the best suitable steam mop for your requirement. To guide and support you, I have mentioned in this article the top 10 steam mops of Haan manufacturer. As a result, you can easily distinguish and select the best steam mop for your use. The Haan steam cleaner parts are of the high-quality material and produce longer durability to the consumer. Going through the product detail information and Haan steam cleaner manual enable you to know how to use Haan steam mop.

Top 10 Haan Vacuums Steam Mop 2019


Haan SI-70 Multi Multiple Purpose Floor Steamer

Haan SI 70 attractively designed in a combination of red and black color. The Haan Steam Cleaner Multi Purpose Steamer has a removable water tank so that you can refill the water tank with ease. Haan SI-70 Multi Multiple Purpose Floor Steamer equipped with a carpet glide attachment for sanitizing the carpet effectively. Usage of carpet glide attachment to the mop head also enables you to refresh the carpet more comfortably. However, the Haan SI 70 Reviews 2019 provides you an overall knowledge of the steam cleaner. Haan SI 70 Steamer consists of a swivel head to easily maneuver across the floor. This steam mop designed in such a way that you can comfortably remove the handheld steamer and clean specific areas.

haan steam mop

Haan SI 70 Multi Multiple Purpose Floor Steamer is light in weight and gets ready to use in just 20 seconds. The operating time of Haan Multi Purpose Steamer is approximately 25 minutes. The long 25 feet cord offers you to easily maneuver on a large surface area without the hassle of unplugging the steam mop. Therefore, Haan SI-70 removes and sanitizes 99.9% of dust from floors and surfaces. One of the top 10 steam mops in Haan Multi SI 70 Reviews 2019.


  • Heats up in 20 seconds.
  • Carpet glide attachment for refreshing the carpet.
  • Manufactured with removable water tank for easy refilling.
  • Sanitizes 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria.
  • Long length cord and swivel head for easy maneuvering.
  • Removable handheld steamer attachments to clean efficiently.


  • Steam flow is not variable.


Haan Slim And Light Steam Mop Floor Sanitizer SI-35

Haan Floor Sanitizer Slim And Light steam cleaner weight is less with the filled water tank. The Haan Steam Mop SI 35 eradicates 99.9% of catastrophic germs and bacteria. The ultra-sleek Haan SI 35 steam mop fabricated in such a way to reach under appliances and floors. Haan Slim & Light Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer equipped with different tools such as two washable microfiber pads, floor protector pad, gliding tray, and manual. The length of the cord is 19.5 feets long which enables you to move more comfortably and conveniently. Haan Slim And Light Floor Steam Cleaner Reviews offer you detail knowledge about the product.haan si-35 steam mop

The Haan Slim & Light Sanitizing Steam Mop SI-35 has a removable water tank so that you can easily fill water under the tap. Haan SI 35 Reviews offers knowledge of its attractive features and specifications. Haan SI-35 deep cleans the floors without using any harsh chemicals. The Haan Floor Sanitizer Slim And Light SI-35 manufactured with high-grade material and offered more durability. As a result, this steam cleaner is one of the top steamers in Haan Slim And Light Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer Reviews 2019.


  • The water tank is removable so that you can easily refill.
  • The high-quality material offers longer durability.
  • 99.9% kills germ and bacteria without using any injurious chemicals.
  • It enables you to clean under furniture.
  • Light in weight and innovatively designed steam mop.


  • It is not featured with the variable steam flow.


Haan Multiforce Pro Steam Scrubber

Haan Floor Steamer Multiforce Pro removes stains and enables you to clean indoor and also outdoor of your home. The Haan Multiforce Steam Mop equipped with 20 steam jets which focuses steam in the most desired places. Haan Multiforce Pro facilitated with the electronic pump which provides a continuous stream flow while cleaning the surface. The Haan Multiforce Steam Cleaner has CR motion technology which deep cleans the surface effectively with the maximum scrubbing action. Haan Multiforce Pro Review enables you to gain detailed info about the steam cleaner. Haan Multiforce Pro Steam Scrubber is lightweight and stylishly designed in a combination of red and black color. Hence, this steamer is the top rated steam cleaner and stands in top 10 Haan Multiforce Reviews 2019.

Haan Multiforce Pro Steam Scrubber


  • Produces maximum scrubbing with CR motion technology.
  • Offers a continuous steam flow with an electronic pump.
  • Steam jets help you to focus on a specific area.
  • Looks very beautiful in black and red color.
  • Enables you to clean entire home such as indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Effectively designed in lightweight and compact.


  • It is not able to clean under the furniture.


Haan Handheld Steamer HS-20R

Haan HS-20R Handheld Steam Cleaner With Attachments enables you to clean and sanitize every part of your home. The Haan Handheld Steam Cleaner helps you to easily fill the water tank with ease. Haan Allpro HS 20R Steam Cleaner featured with the steam ready indicator which lights up when the steamer is ready to produce steam. The product manual offers you to know How To Use Haan Allpro HS 20R Steam Cleaner. However, Haan HS 20R Handheld Steam Cleaner With Attachments gets ready in long 3 minutes after plugging into the socket.

best handheld steam cleaner

Haan Allpro Handheld Steam Cleaner With Attachments HS20R includes a variety of useful tools and accessories. The Haan HS20R produces a high-temperature steam of 212-degree farad which eradicated bacteria, germs, and dust mites. Haan HS 20R Steam Cleaner has an operating time of up to 15 minutes. The Haan Handheld Steamer offers you to clean small places such as furniture, upholstery and some parts of your vehicles. Therefore, this is the best handheld steam cleaner available on the market.


  • Cleans and sanitizes your entire home.
  • Kills harmful dust mites, germs, and bacteria.
  • Equipped with ready to start indicator.
  • Easy filling of the storage water tank using tap water.
  • It produces high-temperature steam for effective cleaning results.
  • Handheld steam cleaner includes different tools and accessories.


  • Heat-up in long duration of about 3 minutes.
  • It has a short run time compared to other steam cleaners.


Haan Versasteam Pro BS 20

The Haan BS 20 Steam Mop uses a turbo steam technology produces a high energetic steam that handles any tough messes. Haan BS20 is a 2 in 1 steam cleaner which can be converted into handheld steam cleaner by just pressing the button. The Haan Versasteam Pro has a variable steam flow which helps you to clean living room, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. Haan Versasteam Pro Steam Cleaner deep cleans the floors and surfaces without using any harsh chemicals. Haan BS 20 Review helps you to gain overall knowledge of the product. For more detailed information and assembly procedure, refer to Haan Steam Mop Manual BS 10. This steam mop is one of the best-rated Haan Versasteam Pro Reviews 2019. Hence, Haan Versasteam Pro Steam Mop is light in weight and best suitable for the homes having pets.

haan steam cleaner


  • Equipped with turbo steam technology.
  • 2 in 1 steam cleaner and conversion is possible with push of a button.
  • Offers a safe and environmentally-friendly cleaning.
  • Three different types of steam flow with the simple steam setting.
  • Deep cleans and sanitizes every part of your home.
  • Lightweight and looks attractive.


  • The steam mop parts may not be durable.


Haan MS 35 Professional Steam Cleaner

Haan MS35 Commercial Steam Cleaner equipped with a canister steam design and very flexible to use. The versatile extension pole and hose offers a convenient use and easy to maneuver. Haan Complete Professional Steam Sanitizer For Multipurpose Cleaning has a large storage capacity water tank of 30 Oz. However, Haan MS35 featured with a deluxe attachment kit consisting of 20 tools and accessories for sanitizing and cleaning the entire home. The Haan Commercial Ms-35 Steam Cleaner heats-up in 3 to 5 minutes and offers a run time of about 30 minutes.

haan pro steamer

Haan MS 35 kills 99.9% of harmful germs, bacteria, and dust mites without using any harsh chemicals. The Haan MS35 Commercial Steam Cleaner used for multipurpose cleaning action. Haan MS 35 Professional Steam Mop cleans and sanitizes every part such as hard and soft surface areas. Hence, the Haan Steam Mop is best suitable steam cleaner for home as well as commercial use. Haan MS 35 consists of a carpet glider to refresh the carpet smoothly.


  • 99.9% deep cleans and sanitizes floors and surfaces.
  • Eradicates germs, bacteria, and dust mites without the use of crude chemicals.
  • Offers flexibility and manufactured with canister design which provides steam on a specific area.
  • Includes a toolkit consisting of 20 different accessories and attachments.
  • Used for home cleaning as well as commercial cleaning purpose.
  • It has a steam ready indicator and power indicator for comfortable use.


  • This Haan steam mop cost is more.


Haan SI-40 Swivel Head Floor Steamer

Haan Steam Mop SI 40 equipped with Smart steam technology system. Hence, the Haan SI40 Steam Cleaner assassinates 99.9% of germs and bacteria without the use of any hard chemicals. The Haan Steam Mop fabricated with a removable storage water tank which helps you to easily fill through tap water. Haan SI 40 Steam Mop manufactured with a swivel head which offers you to maneuver with ease. Haan SI-40 has a carpet glider attached to the mop head to sanitize and refresh the carpet comfortably. The Haan Steam Mop SI 40 produces a steam in 20 seconds and offers a continuous steam for approximately 25 minutes. Haan SI40 consists of two ultra-microfiber pads so that you can wash and reuse it again. Therefore, the lightweight design and long cord length enable you to maneuver easily and comfortably.

si40 steam mop


  • Swivel head helps you to maneuver with ease.
  • Attachment of carpet glide to refresh the carpet comfortably.
  • Removes 99.9% of harmful germs without using any chemicals.
  • Removable water tank offers easy refilling through tap water.
  • It can move and clean under furniture.
  • Gets ready and produces steam in a short while.


  • Steam flow is not variable.


Haan MS30 Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner

Haan Steam Cleaner Multi Purpose Steamer gets ready to use in 3 minutes and offers a continuous steam for about 30 minutes approximately. The Haan Steam Cleaner MS30 equipped with a large capacity storage water tank which is filled with the tap water. However, Haan MS30 is a multi purpose steam cleaner used for complete cleaning of your home. The Haan Multi Purpose Steamer deep cleans and sanitizes floors such as countertops, sealed hard floor surfaces, etc.

haan steamer

Haan MS 30 Replacement Parts includes reusable ultra-microfiber pad which is washed easily after every use. Refer to Haan MS 30 Manual for the installation process and detailed working information. Haan MS 30 Steam Cleaner Reviews 2019 enables you to select the best suitable steam mop for your requirement. As a result, this steamer stands at the top 10 steam mops in Haan MS 30 Reviews 2019. Haan MS 30 Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner is the best suitable steam mop for cleaning your entire home.


  • Extended hose and fingertip controls offer more flexibility while using.
  • Large water tank with an easy refill.
  • Used for multiple cleaning purposes without using any chemicals.
  • Washable and reusable ultra-microfiber pads.
  • Removes 99.9% of dust mites, germs, and bacteria.
  • Includes a large number of tools and accessories which is easily attachable.


  • It takes long 3 minutes to get ready and produce steam.


Haan Duo Steam Sweeper And Floor Steamer

The Haan Duo Steam Sweeper Cleaner exterminates 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria. Haan Duo HD50 is the best suitable steam cleaner and cleans effectively on rugs, carpets, and any sealed hard surface floors. Haan Duo Steam Sweeper Reviews helps you to gain overall knowledge about the Haan Steam Mop. The Haan Duo Steam Sweeper And Floor Steamer equipped with the agitator brush which revolves at 3000 rpm. Hence, this agitator brush loosens dirt and grime which cleans the floors efficiently.

haan duo

Any person with different height can use this Haan Duo Steam Cleaner And Floor Sanitizer. Because this Haan Steam Cleaner Duo featured with height adjustment facility. Therefore, you can adjust the handle height as per your requirement so that you can clean floors comfortably. The removable mop pad attachment enables you to easily refresh the carpets and rugs. Hence, this is one of the top 10 steam mops and best rated Haan Duo Steam Sweeper And Floor Steamer Reviews 2019.


  • Eradicates 99.9% of germs and bacteria.
  • Agitator brush deep cleans floors and surfaces.
  • Dual functionality offers steam as well as sweep options for deep cleaning action.
  • Height adjustment offers you to maneuver with ease.
  • Includes different accessories and has a simple assembly.
  • Removable attachment offers easy refreshing of carpets and rugs.


  • It has less durability.


Haan Power And Finesse Steam Cleaner SI-75

The Haan Steam Cleaner SI 75 furnished with upgraded handheld attachment toolkit. This handheld attachment consists of the shoulder strap, extra-long extension hose, mini steam head with a scrub brush, cleaning bonnet, and angled nozzle. Haan Power And Finesse Reviews enable you to know detailed information about the Haan steam mop. The Haan SI 75 Steam Cleaner facilitated with 15 steam emission jets. Haan SI 75 Reviews, features, and specifications provide great working results. The Haan SI-75 has a steam pump and removable water tank offers comfortable use. Haan Power And Finesse Steam Cleaner SI-75 equipped with a carpet glide attachment which refreshes the carpet, rugs, and soft surfaces. As a result, the Haan SI 75 deep cleans floors and surfaces conveniently. Haan Steam Mop SI 75 is light in weight and easy to use facilities. This is one of the best-rated steam mops Haan Power And Finesse Reviews 2019.

haan si-75


  • Featured with 2 in 1 steam cleaning action.
  • 15 steam cleaning jets enables you to clean specific areas.
  • Eradicates germs and bacterias within a second.
  • Carpet glide attachment refreshes carpet and soft surfaces.
  • Equipped with a removable water tank for easy refilling through tap water.
  • Lightweight and very easy to use the steam mop.


  • It does not provide variable steam flow.

Main Features Of Best Steam Mop 2019

The features and specifications are the most important criteria for the good working of the steam mop. While purchasing any product, the main thing you need to focus on its spec and features. Here, I am providing you a brief explanation of the important features to be considered while buying the steam vacuum cleaner.

Important Factors
Steam Pressure

The Professional Steam Cleaner deep cleans the floors based on the pressure of the steam flow. The more the steam flow, you will gain deep cleaning results. Haan Floor Steam Cleaner equipped with different steam flow settings. Some Haan Steam Vacuum Cleaner constructed with the continuous steam flow. As a result, you will be cleaning the surfaces with constant steam pressure. While some other vacuum and steam mop combo is facilitated with variable steam flow options. Hence, you can press the button on the desired steam flow and start cleaning the floors and surfaces. However, this is the most important constraint to be treated while selecting the home steam cleaner.

Heating Time

The Haan Steam Cleaner Parts encompass of the powerful heater and high energetic motor. So this heater heats the water in the storage tank and produces steam for mopping the floors. When you plug in the vacuums steam mop into the socket, you should wait until the steam mop for hardwood floors is ready to provide steam. Most of the Haan steam mops enables you to start using the steam cleaner in a short time. If the heating time of the Haan Steam Mop For Tile Floors is more, you need to wait for a longer time after plugging into the socket.

Water Tank Capacity

Haan Handheld Steam Cleaner manufactured with the large storage capacity water tank. However, this water tank comprises of two types such as removable water tank and non-removable water tank. The removable water tank allows you to detach the storage tank and refill using tap water. Whereas, the non-removable water tank holds a funnel and measuring cup used for refilling the water tank. However, you are free to select the desired type of furniture steam cleaner for your use.

Length Of The Cord

The Best Vacuum And Steam Mops Haan featured with a long length cord. The various model steam vacuum cleaners comprise different cord lengths. If you are living in a big house, you can select the steam mop consisting of the long cord. Depending on the size of your home and your requirement, you can choose the upholstery steam cleaner. As a result, the long length cord allows you easy maneuvering without any hassle of unplugging the floor steam cleaner from the socket.


The Steam Cleaner Carpet must be easily carried and comfortably moved from one place to the other. Haan Steam Vacuums constructed in the lightweight design which helps you to carry and move from floor to floor conveniently. Therefore, you can snugly choose the suitable hand steam cleaner.

Why Haan Mop?

Haan Corporation is one of the leading manufacturing company all over the globe. The Haan Floor Steam provides the best steam mops on the market. Haan company offers an innovative technology steam mops and contributes a continuous development in the steam cleaners field. Best Haan Steam Mop offers highest standards in quality, engineering, and customer service. The Haan manufacturer main motto is to make you work easy and accomplish a clean and safe home. Haan Steam Cleaners featured with instinctive features and specifications which helps you to gain higher cleaning results. For its innovative cleaning technologies and high standards of cleaning, Haan Steam Mops stands at one of the top positions as compared to other manufacturing brands.

The Haan Steam Mops featured with the most attractive features and specifications. Hence, the Haan Steam Cleaners are very easy to use and provides excellent cleaning results. I believe, this article helps you to select the best suitable steam mop for your requirement. This article consists of top 10 steam cleaner in Haan Steam Mop Reviews 2019. The Haan Steam Mops are designed with innovative features and smart steam technologies which enables you to clean floors effectively. As a result, the Haan steam cleaners are the best steam mops available on the market.

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