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Bissell Steam Shot 39N7A Review 2020

In today’s time, when protecting the environment has become one of the biggest concerns of all time. Many of us started to give a second thought about using all those harsh and chemical loaded cleaners as well, among so many other things. In the process of finding a more sustainable, efficient medium of thorough cleaning your house, we come to know some interesting facts. Those are using regular water is not that efficient and, in some cases, not suitable enough as well, to execute all types of cleaning works. But turning them into steam can be the alternative solution by all means. Yes, Steam cleaner is considered as one of the most potent and eco-friendly solutions to all cleaning requirements despite both residential and commercial tasks. One of the biggest advantages of these steam cleaning is efficient enough to sanitize and disinfect the space to keep it free from all types of bacteria and viruses and other disease-producing microorganisms. Now here we are discussing one of the best products that is BISSELL 39N7A Steam Shot Deluxe Hard-Surface Cleaner.

BISSELL 39N7A/39N71 Deluxe Hard-Surface Cleaner Info

Who doesn’t love the idea of cleaning and sanitizing their room at the same time? The Bissell Steam Shot 39N71 Steam Cleaner is best designed and developed for its portable steam mechanism. Though Bissell 39N7A steam shot cleaner is relatively small and compact, it is highly efficient enough to fulfill all your cleaning related needs. This Best Handheld Steam Cleaner helps you make the most tiresome and time-consuming household chores into a fun filling and trivial activity. Like any other great quality steam cleaners, this Bissell Handheld Carpet Steam Cleaner is also comprising of different exciting features. Now let us check out its detailed features, specs along with complete Bissell Steam Shot 39N7A Review in the later sections.


When the world is turning into a furnace, and the ozone layer burns a bit every day, there is no better option to stay away from harmful chemicals. Isn’t it – Relatively environmentally toxic substances to keep safe what is left. Before the invention of steam cleaners, thorough cleaning requires different types of detergents and other chemical stuff, which are enough to do irreversible damage to the environment. Unlike convention cleaners, this Bissell Steam Shot steam cleaner is exceptionally environmentally friendly. Yes, as it only uses the power of steam to effectively and efficiently clean a space without any chemical substances.

You will be amazed by its performance, as this small steam cleaner offers 99.9% germs free cleaning with a small tank capacity. Yes, this Bissell steam shot steam cleaner is comprising of a pretty decent size water tank of 6.6-ounce capacity. Which may not be appropriate for thorough cleaning works but works wonders during spot cleaning. So, now with this Bissell steam cleaner, you don’t have to worry about frequent refilling of the container while an emergency cleaning work is under progress.

One of the main reasons you need to choose this Best Bissell Steam Vac over any other is its quick heating time. Along with so many other advantages, it apt for today’s fast lifestyle as this steam cleaner possess an equally fast cleaning with minimum steam heating time. Yes, Bissell Steam Shot Handheld Steam Cleaner heater takes only 30 sec to heat up, which eventually heat all the existing water within 3 minutes. So it produces sufficient heat required to clean a designated area. Though the most fun part about this steam cleaning is, as the steam contains less than 5% of the water in them, the surfaces dry out pretty fast as well.

Yes, what you heard is right, this Bissell steam shot hard surface cleaner comes with loads of accessories. All these additional accessories make the cleaning process much more precise and efficient. The set of extra parts comes with this Bissell Multifunction Handheld Steamer includes an accessory nozzle, scraping tool, fabric steamer, grout tool, extension hose, detail brush, window squeegee, angle concentrator, etc. Each accessory has its own set of functions, and using them makes this Bissell Handheld steamer a versatile and multifunctional one.

The primary objective behind providing an extra-long power cord with the appliance is to increase the convenience while using. This Bissell handheld steam cleaner is comprising of a 16-foot long power cord, which comes handy when the cleaning job of distributed across several rooms. Cleaning areas which do not consist of any power outlets become more accessible with this Bissell steam cleaner, as the extra-long cord allows the user to connect it in the other room while cleaning.

Being a portable and handheld steam cleaner, most people assume it to be a less powerful one, isn’t it. But this Bissell steam cleaner projects something completely different and is extremely powerful apart from the fact that it is a small and compact appliance. The 1000-watt power capacity is pretty decent to cover all small to medium intensity cleaning works, including those emergency ones with maximum ease.

Weigh around 4 pounds, this Bissell steam shot steam cleaner is exceptionally lightweight than most of the handheld steamer models present at this point of time, hence immensely easier to carry around. This feature also makes this Bissell steam cleaner a truly versatile one, as it can reach places, which is not otherwise possible for any other steam cleaners.

Bissell Steam Shot 39N71 Steam Cleaner Specifications

Specification Name Value
Model no
Product Dimension
8.5 X 13.2 X 10 Inches
Product Weight
4.6 Pounds
Product Type
Handheld And Portable Steam Cleaner
Pearl Green
Power Rating
1000 Watts
Surface Type
Hard Surfaces Mostly But Can Be Used On Upholstery As Well With Specified Nozzle
Water Tank Capacity
6.6 Ounce
Heater Warm Up Time
Water Warm Up Time
Maximum 3 Minutes
Continuous Steam Output Time
Up To 20 Minutes
1-year Limited





How hot does the Bissell Steam Shot 39N7A get?

The Bissell Steam Shot 39N7A produces steam at a temperature of 212 degrees.

How much water does Bissell Steam Shot 39N7A tank hold?

The Bissell Steam Shot 39N7A tank holds 400 ml of water.

Is this Bissell Steam Shot 39N7A steam cleaner being battery operated?

No, this particular Bissell 39N7A steam shot steam cleaner runs on electricity only.

Can carpet be cleaned with this Bissell Steam Shot 39N7A steam cleaner?

No, this particular Bissell steam cleaner is not suitable for carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning required a much more elaborate process, of which this portable cleaner is not compatible with. Though it is mentioned that this steam cleaner is only meant for hard surfaces, upholsteries can also be cleaned with this.

How the water gets heated up inside the Bissell Steam Shot 39N7A cleaner?

The steam cleaner consists of an in-built heater, which gets heated up with electricity within 30 minutes, which eventually heat the water present in the reservoir. The heater takes around 2 to 3 minutes to heat the full tank.

For how much time the Bissell Steam Shot 39N7A cleaner can function with a full tank?

It is estimated that the full 6.6 ounces of water can provide up to 20 minutes of steam, depending on the intensity of the work.


If you are looking for a robust and powerful handheld steam cleaner in an affordable price range, your search should end with the Bissell 39N7A steam shot steam cleaner. A small and relatively compact size cleaner, this Bissell Handheld Carpet Steam Cleaner comprising of different specified nozzles and other accessories, which makes the cleaning process easy and free from any hassle. The 6.6 ounce of the water reservoir is not that efficient for thorough cleaning jobs though but comes pretty handy while any emergency spot cleaning work pops out. The extra-long power cord and relatively faster heating time of this particular steam cleaner increase the convenience quotient o this cleaner to many folds. Though this Bissell Steam Shot Deluxe Hard-Surface Cleaner is not a perfect choice as the primary cleaning medium for any house, but can act as a backup or a secondary cleaner pretty efficiently. Furthermore, to conclude this Bissell Steam Shot 39N7A Review, This best handheld steam cleaner is a truly versatile and multifunctional one, which can handle any types of surfaces including hard surface and as well as fabric and upholstery and another soft surface with equal ease and efficiency.

With heaps of different accessories and specified nozzle head, the cleaning process becomes much more hassle-free and a fun-filled affair by all means. With such an affordable price tag, Bissell steam cleaner is an appliance to buy under $40, as it is incredibly efficient and perfect in what it is meant to do. Moreover, the chemical and detergent-free cleaning also makes it eco-friendly as well.

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